Hi! I'm Tanya

I write code and build communities.

Projects and Involvement

Things I've worked on and things I'm looking forward to. See my resume for more!

Rutgers USACS

I'm Community Director at USACS (Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists).

Reddit Clone

I built this clone of Reddit.com last summer while learning Python/Flask.

iLab Assistant

I'm a computer science tutor in the CAVE, a computer lab and lounge for CS students.


I'm Co-Director of Volunteers and Hacker Experience at HackRU.


At HackNY Spring 2016, I helped build and design Yuge, an iOS game that brought humor to sociopolitical commentary, using Swift and design tools.
Won Best Hack Design

Other Interests


I took a photography course last semester, and I've always loved capturing moments in creative ways.

Tiny Sculptures

I sometimes make miniature sculptures out of clay, like this one of a giraffe's head.


Here's a MyOctocat submission I made for Github.


If you have questions or would like to chat, feel free to contact me!

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