hackNY Fellowship Class of 2018

I spent Summer 2018 as a hackNY Fellow, living and working in the heart of Manhattan.

During the day, I had a blast as a Software Engineering Intern at Datadog! (See resume)

I spent the rest of my time exploring the city, attending Speaker Series talks by prominent tech entrepreneurs in NYC, and working on a parser app in Python to help the NYC Human Trafficking Response Unit (HTRU) gather evidence.

As an alumNY, I'm currently reviewing new applicants, and I also help with running the hackNY hackathon.

Rutgers University Class of 2018

I graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers New Brunswick in May 2018, with a B.S. in Computer Science.
I also took several Cognitive Science courses out of interest!

My undergraduate coursework included Data Structures, Algorithms, Databases, Systems Programming, Distributed Systems, Principles of Programming Languages, Cryptography, Cognitive Science Concepts, and Applying Cognitive Science.
My graduate-level coursework included Artificial Intelligence, Brain-Inspired Computing, Natural Language Processing, and Internet Services.

I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa during my senior year and am an alumna of both the Computer Science and Arts and Sciences Honors Programs.

Rutgers USACS

From 2016 to 2018, I was Community Director in the Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists (USACS) at Rutgers University.

  When I first joined, the CS community at Rutgers came off as rather intimidating to newcomers and minorities. After realizing that something needed to be done, the rest of the e-board and I worked to make the community more welcoming. Together, we organized brand-new events and initiatives to encourage a healthy and friendly environment for anyone interested in computer science.
 Our membership grew massively, both in number and in diversity, and the progress we made constituted one of the most fulfilling experiences I had at Rutgers. Building and improving communities in tech has since been a passion of mine!

If you'd like to learn more about the Rutgers CS community, check out USACS's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.


I was involved in HackRU, the Rutgers hackathon, during all four of my years at Rutgers.

During my senior year, I was Co-Director of VHX (Volunteers and Hacker Experience). Over the course of two semesters, my co-directors and I worked not only to recruit and organize volunteers and mentors for the event, but also to make the experience better for everyone. We recruited more volunteers, increased volunteer and mentor retention through team-building initiatives, and led our team toward making HackRU a smooth and productive experience for hackers.

iLab Assistant   /   CS Tutor

During my senior year, I was an iLab Assistant in the CAVE, a computer lab and lounge for CS and tech students at Rutgers. One of my main responsibilities was to tutor students with CS coursework such as Intro to CS, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, and more.

That year, my coworkers and I broke the previous record for the number of students who received tutoring!

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